These are benign tumours of the synovial tissue around joints or tendons, affecting the hands and feet. They commonly occur around the wrist joint, or on the backs of the fingertips, where they press on the nail bed causing fingernail grooving. When small, ganglia may cause no symptoms, but they can be removed if they become large and/or painful.

Surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia, on an outpatient basis. As ganglia are often associated with any degenerative joint disease they do re-occur in about 20% of cases despite treatment.

Best Candidates

  • People with progressive nodule & contracture band formations
  • People with inability to fully straighten the knuckle joints or first/second finger joints

What to Expect

Prior to surgery on Ganglions, we will have a final discussion about your surgery, do a consent form, check if you have any drug intolerances to antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents and give you painkillers and antibiotics as a ‘pre-med’.

After surgery a firm bulky dressing is applied and often a splint to reduce movement, this rests the part and reduces pain. A high arm sling helps to reduce swelling and discourages you from using your hand and ‘hanging it down’ which only makes swelling and discomfort worse.

After Surgery / Recovery

A wound check and dressing change are done at one week and sutures are removed after two weeks. A prescription for painkillers, anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics is given after surgery. A page of written post op instructions is given with our contact details, in case you have any problems. Incisions are usually taped with flesh-toned, low allergy, tapes for 6-12 weeks post-op. This helps to get good quality, fine lines cars.

Procedure Planner

  • Initial Meeting
    First consultation 30 mins
  • Pre-op
    10 - 15 minutes for consent, pre meds etc
  • Procedure Time
    About 30-45 minutes for finger ganglion, 45-60 minutes for wrist ganglions
  • Recovery Time
    After changing clothes, having tea/coffee you will be ready to be picked-up about 20 mins after surgery
  • Post-op Follow Up
    There will be nurses review in one week, then at two weeks and a check with surgeon at 8 weeks post operatively

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