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This is one of the most common cosmetic procedures used today and has a proven track record over many years. Men and women alike have been amazed by this surgery’s capability to remove stubborn fat where exercise, diet, and other attempts have been unsuccessful. Liposuction works by surgically eliminating excess fat from many parts of the body, using a fine tube, or cannula, to suction fat from underneath the skin. Our skilled surgeons are specialists in fat removal and body contouring and perform many methods of reducing fat and shaping the body. There are several types of liposuction devices to emulsify the fat to aid its removal, e.g. ultrasonic, mechanical & hydro jet methods. If you need clarification, please ask at the time of the consultation.

Each body is different, and a consultation with one of our surgeons will help gain clarity on the best possible approach to meet your aesthetic goals. Liposuction is commonly used on the hips, thighs, abdomen, flanks, inner knees, arms, and beneath the chin in the neck. The results from liposuction typically remain for many years as long as the patient adheres to a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t gain weight.

Liposculpture refers to the method of sculpting the shape of the body part to the patient’s desire, using liposuction techniques.

Best Candidates

  • Patients who are near or at their ideal weight
  • A healthy skin tone with minimal to no excess or sagging skin
  • A reasonable and stable weight
  • Localised excess fatty deposits that diet and exercise cannot improve
  • A commitment to diet and exercise to control body weight post operatively

What to Expect

Our surgeons will evaluate the areas of fat that the patient wishes to improve upon. An individualised treatment plan that lists the areas to address, as well as the desired amount of fat to be removed, is done for each patient. During surgery, a cannula is inserted through the skin and gently removes fat cells, via small stab incisions only 4-5mm long. These heal as tiny scars, but in as inconspicuous a part of the anatomy as possible.

Prior to doing the liposuction with the tumescent technique fluid containing electrolytes, adrenaline to constrict the blood vessels to minimise bleeding, and a local anaesthetic is injected. Then the ultrasonic probe is used to break down the fat before it is aspirated.

The tumescent fluid helps minimise bleeding, bruising and overall patient discomfort. Controlled removal of fluid and fat is accomplished in layers to produce an improved contour. During liposuction, a motor driven suction pump helps control how much fat is removed and at what speed. Fat removal can range from a few ccs to many litres but there are safe limits that must be adhered to.

A Smaller area about the size of one’s hand can be done under Local Anaesthetic.

After Surgery / Recovery

You may be discharged home on the same day as your surgery, or you may require a short hospital stay for recovery from your Liposuction. This is very much dependent on the individual and the amount of suction performed. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and the results will not be evident for several weeks as there will be some swelling after surgery.

Close follow-ups will be done by our Nursing staff following your discharge. If you are an Inpatient, we will visit you on the ward as required. You will then be required to attend our rooms.

You may find the compression garment uncomfortable especially in the first few days when your skin may feel tight and your body heavy. This is due to the swelling, which is normal after surgery. There may be a small amount of ooze from your dressings onto your garment. You can purchase a second garment so that you can wash and wear the garments for the required post-operative period of five weeks, day and night for the best result. You are permitted to remove the garment to shower after the first two days, but do not leave it off for extended periods of time. If the discomfort is severe, we ask that you contact us.

You may temporarily lose the sensation in the skin in the areas that have been suctioned. This is a normal occurrence and it may take up to six months for this sensation to return. It is also not unusual to feel depressed after your surgery for several days or even several weeks. Try to keep in mind that this is normal and not to make any rash decisions in this time.

Procedure Planner

  • Initial Meeting
    30-45 minutes First consultation
  • Pre-op
    No charge for this visit for final discussions, photos, consent.
  • Procedure Time
    Varies enormously depending on how much work has to be done from half-an-hour to 4-5 hours!
  • Recovery Time
    Also variable from 1-4 weeks
  • Post-op Follow Up
    Weekly nurses post op checks x 2, check up with surgeon at 6-8 weeks. Final review at 3 months

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