Neck Lift (Turkey Neck)

A significant weight loss, familial inheritance and of course ageing, can create sagging skin on the neck, sometimes described as dewlap or a “turkey neck” appearance, in addition, the medial borders of the platysma muscles can appear bands or cords. A neck lift addresses these problems by removing the excess skin & fat and tightening the soft tissues for a more contoured appearance.

Of all cosmetic surgeries, this one can sometimes create some of the most dramatic results for a patient’s appearance. It produces a sharper profile and an overall more youthful appearance. In some cases, liposuction may be used. In addition, your plastic surgeon may recommend a chin implant if you have a recessed or weak chin. Combined with a necklift, the results can be striking.

Best Candidates

  • Good general health
  • Desire to reduce the visible effects of ageing
  • Those who have localised fat deposits under the chin, looseness of neck muscle and/or neck skin
  • Usually done in combination with a facelift as the neck blends into the jaw line & lower face
  • People from age 40 onwards

What to Expect

Having listened to your concerns during the initial consultation, we will fully evaluate your underlying structural anatomy and make a determination as to exact cause of your “problem” – be it skin excess or quality, fat deposits, bone quality & position, and muscle laxity or over-activity. This evaluation will help piece together an individual treatment plan, which will address each of these contributing factors & deliver a harmonious result.

During surgery, an incision is typically made under the chin in the crease below the chin bulge. If there are fat pockets present, the excess fat will be removed or re-positioned. Then the underlying tissue and muscles are pulled tight and the remaining skin re-draped and secured with sutures to produce a more youthful neck appearance when performed as part of a facelift, the excess skin is relocated up and behind the ears, where the redundant skin is trimmed away, leaving a smoothly contoured neck and virtually invisible scar lines

After Surgery / Recovery

You will be given instructions on care of your dressings (if any) on discharge from the Surgery. The head wrap bandage will generally be removed 24-48 hours after your Surgery, if drains are used these will be taken out 24 hours; this is painless. You will need to sleep with 2 to 3 pillows to keep the head raised for the first week following Surgery. This helps minimise swelling and bruising.

Swelling and bruising is not uncommon after necklift surgery, although the degree varies from individual to individual. A compressive dressing is used to help control swelling and to help the skin adapt to the new neck contour. Most patients can resume modest activity in 2 weeks. A complete recovery from necklift surgery occurs in about 4-6 weeks. This surgery creates a tighter neck that appears softer and younger.

After surgery ice packs and elevation are the best methods of reducing swelling and bruising, especially if applied in the first 24 – 48 hours. Remember not to place ice directly in contact with the skin, wrap it in a plastic bags and towels so that it produces a pleasant cool rather than a stinging cold. You may prefer to use a dampened hand towel placed in the refrigerator for several minutes to chill.

You will be asked to attend our Rooms on an outpatient basis, to be monitored postoperatively. This will also enable us to address any problems you may have.

Your first scheduled visit is 1 week after surgery, but if you need to be seen earlier, we will gladly bring you in for attention. Sutures will be removed at about the seventh day postoperatively although most sutures used today do not require removal.

Procedure Planner

  • Initial Meeting
    45 - 60 minutes
  • Pre-op
    30 - 45 minutes
  • Procedure Time
    As part of a facelift 5-6 hours
  • Recovery Time
    6 weeks (2 weeks at home)
  • Post-op Follow Up
    1 week

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